Deck and roof support

I didn’t capture the post in the picture very well, but the post that supports the roof overhang and the deck, attach to this cement footing. Am I wrong in assuming this should be centered? With the post supporting the second story roof overhang, there is substantial weight here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it. New construction, buyer would like to have contractor correct.

It’s difficult to get a builder to do anything unless he is confronted with a code violation or an engineer’s letter stating that is deficient. I would have flagged that too. That cardboard form is required to be removed.

As a general rule, the center of the load should be within the middle third of the support.

Thank you! Code support is tough, as it isn’t in my scope, however, even finding code support is difficult. The best I have found states "any support post should be attached to the center of the footing, ugh.

Well, this is definitely not withing the center 3rd. Thanks!

Wow, good find.