Deck Attached To Overhang

The deck is 16 x 12 and 6 of it is attached to the overhang, is this proper? The deck does have lag bolts and hangers. The deck is 6ft high.

If by overhang you mean bay window area or cantilever, no.

It needs to be free standing with any attachment to the house being non structural.

You might find this helpful.

What Mike said.

Typically, Mike is correct but I did have one the other day designed and sealed by an architech that did just that.

And, since it was covered and I couldn’t see the work to verify it, I recommended that verification be made that it was done according to plans.

Agree Larry. Typically Mike’s statement is correct 99.9% (my number) of the time. The one exception that I have seen is as you described. The deck was designed along with the home, thus the floor joists/framing for the cantlever/bay window was designed with the deck as a whole. I believe this to be a rare exception.