Deck Attachment to Brick

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Raised Deck (8-9 foot) from grade. Pressure treated lumber. 8 years old.

Deck ledger is attached to a structural brick wall (not veneer). Ledger was originally installed using lag bolts and masonry anchors in the brick. Ledger is now partially detached and the anchors are visibly noted as being pulled out of the wall.

Suggestions for recommended repair (other than demo and replace)?

It must be near the rim joist/floor height-wise so they could drill all the way through and bolt, washer and nut it to the rim/floor joist.

Actually there is a relatively new bracket that attaches to the side of the floor joist inside (if they are running the correct direction) and accepts the threaded rod that holds on the ledger board.

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Kind of like this:

Here are some additional pics:

Ledger brackets.jpg

Ledger bracket2.jpg

The first joist (at the interior) of the masonry wall runs parallel to the ledger.

Post and beam always works

Bolt it through the first joist at the appropriate on center attachment.

Won’t the space between interior side of brick and framing prevent tightening the bolt?

Tighten all nuts to torque of 20-25 ft/lbs. DO NOT CRUSH TIMBER THROUGH OVERTIGHTENING OF FASTENERS.

Remove the first 4 feet of deck boards (4 feet gives good working room, although you could do it with less). Be sure to number the bottom side of the boards to reinstall in the same order. Dig holes 48" and set new posts. Attace a 2x12 to each side of the posts to form a beam to support the joists. Remove the existing deck bond, remove the lags and anchors. Fill the holes with tar and epoxy. Reinstall the bond using joist hangers with 10d galvanized hanger. It will be a pain, but cheaper and quicker than R & R.

The 2x12’s should be through-bolted with (3) 3/8" galvanized carriage bolts.

Nothing to report.

Unless this Pennsylvania municipality had some kind of building code when this deck was constructed, you have nothing to report…despite how badly you may think this deck was constructed.

And I am frankly surprised you would ‘report’ and otherwise ‘legally’ attached ledger.

Huh? :shock: You don’t think… “Ledger is now partially detached and the anchors are visibly noted as being pulled out of the wall.” is something to report?

Come on, buck up here buddy!..I know you can…

This isn’t one of your decks is it?:smiley:

Hi. Joe;

It appears that through expansion and contraction over time that these fasteners might have loosened up, and/or were improperly installed from the get go.

It might be conceivable that the original fasteners be re tightened, but I would reccomend that additional fasteners be installed to supplement the existing.
Since this is a solid bearing masonry wall, it would be adviseable to check for water intrusions in the masonry wythe via the fasteners, for this could weaken the assembly as a whole or in part there of.

You made no mention of flashing requirements that would fall into play of this example, and this would be another story.

If this was a routine inspection, I guess one could note exactly what he sees and reccommend further evaluation.

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