Ledger Attachment?

Is it possible to attach a ledger board using hidden fasteners? This deck was built in 2000. Double ledger boards were noted with support beams under it with flashing installed. I just don’t see any bolts/fasterners. Looked at the neighboring homes and they were all built the same way.

Do you have any pics from farther back?..and, any showing the area above the white beam?

You know a ledger attachment to brick is a no-no but the treated ledger appears to set back some from the face of the brick and I’d like to see above in that area.

No, but I have to go back to pick up radon. I’ll grab a ladder and get some more pics

With the limited view, I would say with the beam present, the deck is free standing and the ledger is probably not even attached to the home.

That is kind of what I was thinking, Steve, with the joist attached to the beam. But it seems like you would get some racking away from the house with a group of people up there.

That’s why I asked about a pic from farther back.

Yup… as above have suggested.

I would be more interested to see what type of diagonal bracing there is for the deck.

Yep, that , too.

I’d like to see them…:slight_smile:

Nothing, eh Terrill?

Limited view in pics but looks to be a freestanding deck (not supported on house) with diagonal bracing provided by the decking.

Deck boards are never a replacement for diagonal bracing.

I think it might be possible that there are lag bolts or other fasteners hidden behind the joists, but I don’t consider that very likely.

Great hypothesis.
I concur.
But if this is the case, for one, anti sway is missing.