How would you report on...

…A deck with a ledger attached using carriage bolts inserted from the interior through the band joist and then through brick veneer?

How long the bolts and what size?


Ledger Board Attachment to Brick Siding

Ledger diagram brick veneer.JPG

That graphic in itself is very misleading!!!
You need to read the very last sentence to get to the truth of the install!!!

In other words, it should be a Free-standing deck!!!

Is it???

I agree it could be more clear.

That is why i asked what size the carriage bolts where.

In most cases with would be better to build it as free standing next to brick veneer.

Correct. The size of the bolt is irrelevent, as it should not be tightened to where it “closes” the air gap between the brick and the sheathing, therefore remaining “loose” (not torqued) which over time will continue to loosen, and contribute to deck failure.


I have a picture of what happens to the brick after it is under pressure.

Okay, post it. Why do you need someone to ask? Just do it. Be proactive!

Oh god, I feel the nurse lurking here. Lets not talk bolt size or spacing for awhile.LOL.
I agree with you Jeff that it should be freestanding.

I see no issue. “carriage bolts inserted from the interior through the band joist”

Yes, Kevin if you post that could I use it to show my client the results of this set up?

The bolts were undersized (3/8"), there was no flashing and the bolts didn’t alternate high/low. Multiple posts had shifted or dropped and even one of the beams was bowed away from the house where the two central posts had slid down the slight slope it is built on. So it had many many problems, but I was surprised at the differing opinions on bolting through the brick. I don’t like it and I recommended it be converted to a free standing deck. I was curious what opinions would be present here.

I’m not a big fan of carriage bolts either due to the reduced bearing the head will have as compared to a washer. Here’s some photos.

You didn’t mention all of these problems in first post. :slight_smile:

As for as going through the brick; as long as bolts are correct size/spaced and sealed with caulking at exterior, and of course band joist is sufficient, I see no issue.

Here is what I put in the one on deck ledger calcs.
Don’t want to go back there again.:frowning:

Thanks Guys good string I am sure we all learn from these type of posts.
Much appreciated .

Since we all want to learn! What else is wrong?

Spindle gap is Too large

That is 1

Chris… you did see that the brick was/is Veneer, correct?

Page 12.

In this case it’s not “attached” to the veneer, it’s attached to the band joist. Through the brick veneer.