Deck beam through wall

Along with starting my own inspection business, I am finishing out our basement. I noticed today that part of my newly textured wall was warping. After pulling the insulation out from above I noticed deck beams resting on the load bearing wall! Sure enough, it appears the home builders attached part of the deck by cutting through the weather proofing and resting a beam on the wood wall itself. Anyone had clients encounter this? What was their course of action?

Yes it’s sad I didn’t see this flaw for a year. We hired an HI prior to purchase. There was no mention of the defect. No, I didn’t see water staining or moisture issues when I textured and painted the wall. We’ve had a dry year on the Front Range.

Well, at least , it looks like they flashed it.

Did you verify that?

It appears that way, but if you look closely they just used a piece of flashing to set the beam on. On top of the beam there is no flashing. Plus, I’m not sure what flashing would do to remedy this as the wood itself will draw rainwater inside.

It sounds like you know how to fix it…giddy-up. :slight_smile: