Deck Bracing

Hi Guys,

I know it is a good practice to have bracing for the decks over 6 fts from the ground, but I also saw lots of decks are actually not having it. See my pictures as below.

My question is simply, is there any exemption for not having the bracing on a deck which is over 6fts from the ground? Thanks for any suggestion! BTW I am from Ontario Canada


The stairs look to be providing some bracing to me

I agree Brian, but the ledger attachment might be a different story.
Is there a photo of that?:slight_smile:

No I don’t have other pictures, these are from a real estate website. So should I call for a bracing improvement - if I am the one to inspect the deck?


Bingo! That is the new “new”!

I would never call for something without knowing if it already exists or is even needed. Take a deck inspecting course, or three. Bookmark factual reference information for future use, such as: which is considered the Bible for deck construction information! This is the source that Building Code is derived from.