Deck Fastening Method?

I heard there was a newly accepted method to fasten a deck to the house, rather than using 5/8" galv. through bolts. Can anyone share info?


There have been more accepted ways than that for several years.


Some structural fasteners are acceptable. The one with the large round flat head

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You are a few years behind.

There’s many fasteners that are acceptable nowadays. Here’s one that I see quite often.

simpsonledger.pdf (238.5 KB)

An engineer can specify zip ties if he/she is willing to put their stamp on it. There’s ALWAYS more than one way to do something… even when the almighty code book might tell you otherwise.


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Specific to NORTH CAROLINA folks. I’m posting to “local Inspection Issues, North Carolina”. North Carolina Building Code.

He is NC and answered your question

Do you want code? You will have IRC, state amendments and local jurisdiction.

Be specific. All is available on the internet


If you think this is specific to NC or maybe just your area
then just go to the local building department and ask them. It is possible that they have some kind of “deck building tip sheet” that is being used. Very common in many cities.


Click on the link I sent. Your answer is there.

Thanks for your input, Brian. And I appreciate everyone else trying to help. I know people respond with good intention. But I’m learning sometimes it’s best to just take the time and go directly to the obvious source.

And that would be?


Thank You Lukasz. Thats great advice. I was randomly reading through the forum when I was reminded of having overheard someone talking about a newly accepted method to attach decks to a house, per North Carolina Building Code. Apparently, there’s a 2022 NC code addendum. I posted my impromptu question in hopes someone would have the specific answer. …I do appreciate everyone’s willingness to help.

APPENDIX M WOOD DECKS, 2018 North Carolina State Building Code: Residential Code | ICC Digital Codes (


Marcel, Thanks for your help. I do have a copy of the 2018 codebook. Apparently there’s an addendum for 2022 regarding deck attachment. I’m going to call the inspections department next week. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome. Best to follow local jurisdiction codes.