Deck post height

The max. hieght for a 6x6 deck post is 14 feet. Does anyone know the max for 8x8 post?

Check here

8x8, Max. height 14’ with bracing.

thanks. that was all that I was able to find. What type post would be required for a 15 ft high deck?

Thanks Bob,
great resourse but does give any information for a 15 foot heigh deck. the table maxes out at 14 feet. do you know what type post is required for a 15 - 16 foot heigh deck ( 12 foot hiegh basement on a slope)

AWC-DCA62015-DeckGuide-1804.pdf (3.3 MB)
see if this helps. :grinning:

Diagonal bracing effectively reduces the post height, if you have any.