Deck support barely adequate?

Today’s deck 12x20. The horizontal ledger board was a single 2x6 lag screwed into the 4x4. Shouldn’t it at least have been doubled one on each side of the 4x4 and bolted through? All the support to the deck joist is depending on the lag screws.

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Daaaamn…I’ll bet there is no permit on file (w/ municipal) for this deck installation. If there is a permit, it wasn’t built to specs.

And look at the railing system. Another Wow!!!

I am positive Dave there was no permit pulled on that one. :slight_smile:

Yea, I can see the first deck party now.

Call an ambulance for standby.

Let’s just hope they don’t decide to have a Winter bash when there is 3 feet of snow on it.
North Dakota.
My older brother was stationed in Minot many years ago. Bad Winters. :):wink:

The 4x4’s continue through the decking and are part of the guardrail system. Actually it was strong an no movement. The 12ft span on 3 4x4’s bothered me. The 2x6 ledger actually is butted together at the center support.

Last year we had a tough winter, lasted 7 months. Lots of snow…Lots of cold -30 actual with -50 wind chill. Not a practical choice for the homeless. But this deck survived.

No. Girders should bear directly on posts.

Very helpful link to the Nachi deck inspections. Thanks

Hey folks,
I often see wooden deck support posts which are not centered on the concrete piers set in the ground. I’ve heard that the minimum amount of post which has to be set on the concrete support is 40%…would that be correct? If not, what is the rule on that?

Since there are so many things wrong I will pick 2 that have not been mentioned yet.
No post to joist diagonal bracing pg 33 and no diagonal bracing for such a high deck pg 34.

The fascia to which the balusters are attached is structural, so there’s more than just the 2x girder supporting those joists. I’d want to see the girder dbl 2x10 and diagonal (knee) braces installed against lateral loads.
Get 30 people up there dancing to a heavy beat and there will be movement. First sideways, then downward, then a pile of injured people.

Joists on the angled band have no hanger or ledger strip.

I’d probably say:

“Construction of the deck is considered sub-standard. Most, if not all, of the stair rail and guardrail structure is supported by balusters only (1.5 inch x 1.5 inch lumber). Standard construction consists of substantial supporting posts of 4x4 lumber as a minimum at corners and other areas. While the railing may be satisfactory today, our experience shows that they will become very loose and present a safety hazard. We recommend an evaluation and repair as deemed necessary by a competent and state licensed contractor.”


“There are components of the LOCATION(deck/porch/balcony) that are structurally unsound. We can elaborate on this issue, but the entire LOCATION(deck/porch/balcony) should be evaluated by a competent and licensed contractor and serviced accordingly.”


“The wood deck has atypical footings, spans, connections or rails, and could have been built without the benefit of a permit. We can elaborate on this issue, but you should request the permit from the sellers or have a competent state licensed contractor or engineer evaluate it.”

looks like a non-permitted homeowner install…

Who want’s to make a bet on which component fails first? !!!


Off topic, but…

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The strange part is that deck could last 20 years without a failure. I guess it all depends on if its a family of skinnys or a family of grandes :smiley:

You are absolutely correct. I’ve seen stuff that you wouldn’t think would last a week, let alone 10 years! :shock:

My best statement to someone who uses the “test of time” BS line… “It’s not a question of ‘if’ it will come crashing down, but ‘when’. Do you want to be the one standing on it when it does”?

Amazing that a Realtor never seems to have an answer to that. :-k

…or under it!