Deck supports

Would you say these supports were proper for this deck? 4X4 post 2X 12 toed nail in? Large notch in ledger board.

Without more info, or pictures…

No, no, hmmm… no!

I agree Jeffrey, no and no. Start with page 7.

Cool beans… glad you posted the link to the guide. I was searching, but was interrupted.

House is eight years old, in Johnson County, KS, it sure was not built to the Johnson County guidelines.

There are other acceptable post to beam connections besides the one on Page 7, so don’t be thinking that’s the ONLY acceptable connection.

Post/girder connection is poor, recommend correction.

I don’t have a problem with the notch. Those are 1/2" lag screws through the ledger into the home rim joist. If they’re on 24" centers, as is typical, it’s not going anywhere. You could cut that ledger all the way through and as long as it had 2 solid lags supporting no more than two joists (and no point loads), it wouldn’t go anywhere.

The 2x horizontal support beam is not properly secured to the 4x4 posts to prevent lateral movement.

I agree with Kenton.