Deck Support

Any concerns with this installation.

Not unless I am missing something.



I knew it looked right just dont usually see the beam cut that way around here, and I misplaced my diagrams.


Should be using a bracket rather than a splice cut cut.

Looks good…

Darn you I was just off looking at that same PDF.
I misspoke thinking of the porch requirements as illustrated below…
Beam and post attachment..jpg

Does everyone see the difference and why there is one?

Glad to help…as you have us before. :slight_smile:

Who…John or me ,buddy?

Bob, for anti-rotational purposes, this is a better connection for that size lumber on post to beam connection. :slight_smile:

I was referring to you…

Hey ,you just beat me to the post because I was looking at 2 PDF’s instead of two.:slight_smile:

Yep,plus when you splice a support post with another level(above it) you just cut that support strength in half with the splice.
That is the reason for the bracket requirement on porches.

Splicing posts to themselves is allowed with 5 thru bolts however.

What is it like in the ground and the ledger board all flashed? Looks great.
I would like to see bigger washes and nylon sealing thread nuts.

The deck pictured is only one level, what are you talking about?
Double decker with continuous post would be completely different detail. :slight_smile:

Exactly ,and why I put up the illustration.
Now tell me what caused this?


To much of a overcut or does the splice weaken the grain?

Check cracking enhanced by the notching and what is holding up the center 2x of that beam.?
Post to beam connecter bracket should have been used for that. :slight_smile:

Check cracking enhanced by the notching:):):slight_smile:
That is not use of carpentry skills.

I have only used cantilever style when building decks of any height. It is the easy from of installing a solid deck with the fewest possibility of mistakes . Simplest from of carpentry and architecture providing longevity and simplicity…

Robert, what is directly above those a/c units? Got a closer-up pic? Or a birds-eye view of the deck?

Looks like plywood to prevent stuff dropping down Jeff.

Robert how long can those support joists be with only one row of post supports?