Defect or not?

What say you?

092410 023.JPG

092410 023.JPG

Is this a slab? Why would there be brick layed where the stem wall should be?

I’m talking about the electrical outlet.

Hint: this is the rear exterior of the home.

Not enough info for me to comment on the garage foundation if thats what it is but I would recommend GFCI.
Edit you posted 1 second be fore me.
OK did they update?
It is grandfathered unless they updated however I always suggest it.
Some towns make them upgrade.

Snake in the tall weeds is what I see.

yes…defect (or wrong cover). A vertical weatherproof cover could have been installed but I don’t think it would make much of a difference. If you want to follow the NEC, an inuse cover (with bubble) should be installed.


I was wondering how long it would take for the bubble to be mentioned.
I may have seen those a couple times here and there.:cool:


You are the proud winner of a chicken fried steak supper at Eddies, in beautiful Hickory Grove, SC.

GFCI probably costs less.

Do they deliver??:slight_smile:


Hmm…not required in CA…Still there is a snake in the grass in that photo.

NEC 406.8(B)(1) & (B)(2)(a)


are you talking about the gap underneath the door?


OK…Did I miss something?

Not just the gap but the brick that runs along what appears to be a stem wall if on a slab. If not a slab is this the support?

Can’t answer that for you…I defer to Joe since it’s his pic.


It is a slab. Here, they sometimes frame the slab prior to the pour with block or, in this case, brick.

What about the trip hazard?

Ok…Got It.

I’m lost. What trip hazard? Are you talking about a support for the threshold? If so, I considered it, but it was pretty well supported. A board under it was not required in this case in my opinion.