The was no delete option …Don’t know why!

What ya hiding. :lol:

You are on double secret probation for your defamatory remarks.

I was trying to post the 2018 Citizen 4Pt fillable . But after I looked at it I want to work it over better.
But, There was no delete message option like there usually is.

Wow ! Over 40 views for a deleted post…

One more day :wink:

Now! Over 50 views ! You guys are bored…

This is the most excitement I’ve had in awhile.

lol! :smiley:

Considering Wednesday was Valentines Day!! :shock:

103 views and still going…Man O’ man!

You understand people need to click it to get if off of their feed, right? No ignore capability!

I’ll have to delete shi*t more often as to give you guys something to do.

So what’s going on

Something got deleted