Removed at request

Replaced. :wink:

by request?

I request John send me a $50 bill… :wink:

Just one?

By whom?
Are you being censured?
Or are you being man-handled?

Yep. :slight_smile:

so You are saying it was moved once before ?

Make mine a few :wink:

Umm 3 or 4?

I removed it because of a request on social media. I am not being censured. Though, I do have a fan on this site. He loves me so much he follows me, and posts behind me to make sure he can correct any perceived minor mistakes I make. It is actually helpful at times, but it makes me feel bad because he has no friends. So if he comments behind me please be nice to him. Thanks

I’m from Philly. When we say someone has been “removed” it means he swims with the fishes. :wink:

I’m from Chicago, and it’s a similar meaning there, only we don’t limit ourselves to ‘water sports’.

I thought the thread was dead, but apparently it is rising again. Not enough cement in the shoes?

I tol’ you and tol’ you, that you posta use concrete. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you and yours are well, John.:smiley:

Doing well thanks Larry, How are you and the committee?

The committee is a little slow…

I’m living the dream as , my friend, Jim McK. would say. :smiley:

I always knew there was something wrong with you


Just one thing?