Dell X50v PDA/Pocket PC for sale

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I just bought this Dell X50v and was planning on using it with InspectVue Residential, then low and behold got an offer to come work for a nationwide inspector company that will provide me with a laptop and inspection software. Just took it out of the box and charged it…I’ve never used it…its still on first charge!

Here is the whole package deal.

Whats included:
* Dell Axim x50v PocketPC PDA
* USB cradle for Dell Axim x50 Handheld
* 3D Game CD Kit-Special Promo Bundle for Dell Axim x50v
* 1100mAh battery
* 2200mAh secondary battery
* Executives case
* Car Charger

There's plenty to love about the Dell Axim X50v, one of the first Pocket PCs with Windows Media Player 10 built in. Not only does it transfer and play video better than any Pocket PC has before, it boasts a zippy 624-MHz processor and offers handy features like a Compact-Flash card slot, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi networking. But what really sets the X50v apart is its screen: a 3.5-inch beauty whose VGA resolution makes for clear, crisp viewing. This Axim is fully loaded and includes a second powerful 2200mAh high capacity battery and the USB cradle. This package also includes a 3 year limited Advanced Exchange warranty dating from the time of original purchase (5/7/05).

* Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
* Powered by the Intel XScale PXA270 Processor at 624MHz
* Brilliant 3.7" color TFT VGA display with 640x480 resolution
* Integrated Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory
* Integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth Wireless Technologies
* 64MB SDRAM and 128MB Intel StrataFlash ROM * Integrated CompactFlash Type II and Secure Digital / SDIO Now! / MMC card slots provide flexible expansion
* Removable Primary Battery with secondary 2200mAh High Capacity Battery included
* 3.5mm Headphone / Headset Jack for Headsets to support VoIP and voice recognition applications
* Built-in microphone and speaker for easy recording on the go
* USB Cradle including Battery Charging Slot * 3 Year Warranty through Dell including Advanced Exchange


PROCESSOR:Intel XScaleT PXA270 624MH

OPERATING SYSTEM:Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

MEMORY: RAM:64MB SDRAM ROM:128MB Intel StrataFlash memory

DISPLAY:TFT Color 16-bit Touch-Sensitive, Transflective LCD; 3.7"; 480 x 640 resolution at 65.536 colors (VGA)

GRAPHICS:Intel 2700G Multimedia Accelerator with 16MB Video Memory

CONTROL AND LIGHTS:5-way Navigation button;Wireless On/Off Button Lock Switch;4 Program Buttons: Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Home;Voice Record Button; Reset Button; Backlit Power Button; Event Notification; Charge Status; Wireless Status

EXPANSION SLOTS:1 CompactFlash Type II Card Slot (3.3v); 1 Secure Digital / SDIO Now / MMC Memory Card Slot (3.3v)

PORTS AND CONNECTORS:Standard v1.2 (115 kbps) Infrared Port; 36-pin Cradle/Sync Connector; 3.5mm Headphone/Headset Jack

AUDIO:Audio Controller I2S Codec, WM8750 sound chip; Stereo Conversion 16-bit stereo; 8.0, 11.025, 22.05 and 44.1KHz sample rate; Full Duplex Record and Playback; Integrated Microphone and Speaker

POWER SUPPLY:AC Adapter; 1100 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (standard);2200 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (a $99 value bonus!)

WIRELESS:Integrated 802.11b,Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology

WARRANTY:3 YEAR Dell Limited Advanced Exchange warranty from date of original purchase (5/7/05)

GAMES:3D Game CD Kit-Special Promo Bundle for Dell Axim x50v

CABLE: USB Cradle for Dell Axim x50v

I would like to get most of my money back, but like all 'used' products I know I'll have to take a hit.

Anyone care to make an offer??

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let me know if this is still available... I may be interested...


Jeffrey S. Campbell