HP Ipaq vs Dell ???

Allright, so I’ve decided to start using Carson Dunlop-Horizon for my reports and CD recommends either the Dell or the HP Ipaq to collect data in the field. Since I’m not a technological wizbang like some of our members :), I’d like to see if I could get some feedback on the pros and cons of these two.

I’m looking for something that I won’t need an IT degree to operate, but I’d like to use the unit for other functions possibly as well such as MP3, pictures (short video clips?), etc, etc. I know alot of NACHI members use PDA’s in the field and like I said, I’d just like to get some feedback if possible on what folks think of these two. I’m pretty sure I’d sacrifice some bells and whistles in place of a PDA that’s easy to use.

So the question is,

HP Ipaq, or “dude, I just got a Dell” :smiley:

I have had an IPAQ 555 for about 3 years, I had several problems with it and finally tried callingcustomer service, they outsourced their customer service to India, wich made getting good help difficult for a variety of reasons. I sent the device to HP per their instruction and they kept it for 6 months. After I got it back it has worked ok, but it was painful getting help.

I had an iPaq as well. And had the same customer service issues as Michael (having to talk to a tech in India)

Also, the iPaq screen is very delicate. It cracks easily. I have broke 3 in the last 2 years. Not worth in for me.

Cant give any info on the Dell, never have used one.

I own a dell axim and use Inspectvue. The axim is currently at the bottom of my tool bag as I can do my reports quicker on my laptop setup in the kitchen. The Axim seems rugged enough, but not matter what you get, get a screen protector for it. Supposedly Inspectvue has a program update that will let me send my report from the Axim to my laptop wirelessly, if that is the case, I may go back to the Dell.

I have owned at one time or another most HP handhelds. To me they are by far the best handhelds made, I currently use an IPAQ hx 4700 here is an independent review. Here is an independent review of the Dell Axim X51. In the end you pays your money & you takes your chances. :wink:

Thanks for all the input guys. I’m still a little undecided, however, I’m starting to lean towards the Dell mainly due to customer support issues. I’m gonna go and check out the Ipaq at the Best Buy on Monday though, just to at least check it out. It seems as though alot of the folks using Carson Dunlop are using the Dells.

I have a Dell X51 and I’m pretty happy with it. One thing you have to remember about any PDA is that it isn’t meant to be a pocket computer that you can print from.

There are so many people who think because it runs Microsoft OS, it’ll be able to do onsite printing. There are some 3rd party software that will allow you to print from the PDA, but they are program specific in many cases.

PDAs are great as a means to collect and input data, but that’s it. I use mine mainly for keep track of my calendar, list taking, and a quick note or two.

Oh yeah, the feature that turned me towards the Dell was the built in Bluetooth which of course, I havent’ used yet.

Hey Jerry,

I have a HP2400 Series that I use now for inspections and I like it ok…but it is not without problems. It had a memory issue that was well known by HP and they ignored the fix for it…but I found the HP forum helped more than anything and it is not india so thats good.

Works fine for the inspections…still tweeking the software to the way I like it…but otherwise where it saved me is in the final report time.

As for rugged…I dont know…I treat it like a baby right now…but it does seen fragile…It also looses ram memory fast for some reason…you have to hard boot it about every 2 weeks to gain back memory…hard booting does not harm anything…but it is a pain to have to do it.

Now…with all that aside…I am a HP guy…I have 5 computers and they are all HP…so it was no choice for me…I had to stick with the HP but from my friend who owns HelpNet…he is a computer guru and he swears by his Dell Axim…so if he likes it it has to be good as well…

I don’t use the handheld in the attics for fear of breaking it…I use my voice recorder and play it back when in the kitchen doing the finish point and poking on the thing…

I tried to hook a bluetooth small keyboard up to it and for some reason the HP pocket PC did not have enough ram it said to run it…a simple keyboard so that was a bummer…not sure why…but on a scale from 1 to 10 on the HP 2400 series…I give it a 5 so far.

I own the dell axim 51v and use inspectvue. I set up my report to match the arizona checklist. It helps because I am fairly new to the business and I have the checklist in front of me while I inspect. After a while though, I do see it becoming useless besides using it for my mobile planner. It is easier than carrying around my notebook. As far as the technical assistance goes, I just use live online chat, that way I can at least understand what Apu is trying to tell me.

I have an IPAQ 4700 that I use with Inspectionwise. Have been very happy with it and have had no problems in 6 months of use. Has a nice big screen and great color and resolution. Works well and is easily readible in bright sunlight.

I bought mine from the HP refurbished store. Came with a full warranty and cost about $150 less than retail and has worked great. Cannot speak about the service because I have not had to use it. I have had to use Dell’s CS for my laptop and desktop and cannot say that I was impressed at all. So I doubt HP can be any worse. CS seems to have become a thing of the past for electronics and computers, IMHO.

I have used the Dell axim X50 for 5 years and it has worked fine. I recently upgraded my software and it came preloaded on an iPAQ 110. So far I have had sync problems and now the keyboard witll not open. I can’t even get the correct number for HP tech support for the 110. HP’s tech support does not exist as far as I am concerned.