PDA for sale...

For sale DELL Axim X51V

DELL Axim X51V, color screen PDA. Bluetooth wireless, etc.
Virtually new, never used on an inspection.
Although I had tried the InspectVUE mobile version in the office,
but disliked how much clicking and pecking I had to do.

I just decided not to pursue the PDA path…

Here is a link to similar on EBay


Make me a reasonable offer.
Use email to converse … s_waskewicz@msn.com


Steven, I thought you were trying to sell hugs and kisses!!

:wink: well, maybe a few…

Still working on the sale huh?

I pulled my AXIM 51 out of the closet this weekend, loaded inspection software, went through the steps of starting an inspection and put it back in retirement. I can’t see doing the report onsite and then having to finish it on a PC or laptop. I checked out the IPAQ 211 but it’s not much different and it’s still a 2 step process anyway you look at it. I’ll stick with my ASUS T91 to do the complete inspection and report on 1 machine.