Looking to get trained for an HI career... need legit feedback please!!

Hi there, I’m a 30 yr old single mother who recently became disabled due to illness. I lost my job from it, and can longer work a traditional office job due to intolerance to fluorescent lighting. I can work outdoors, but nothing too extremely laborous. The combination of these have left me with very few options!

I’ve reasearched all possible careers, as I do NOT want to settle with spending the rest of my life on Disability. I came across Home Inspection and I’m pretty excited… I think it’s something I could both physically handle, as well as enjoy. Plus with the flexilbity of working for myself, there is the option of “rescheduling” a day’s appointments IF required (due to illness). That’s obviously not something I would do unless absolutely required (ie: laid out with a migraine), but having the option of it vs. being fired from missing work is definitely relieving.

So here’s the thing, I need to find good schooling (preferrably ONLINE or OUTDOORS… can’t do the fluorescents in classrooms). I came across AHIT and it looked great… online learning plus 3-days OUTSIDE field work. I thought it was a match made in heaven. But then I found this forum board, and apprently people are NOT too keen on AHIT, even going as far as calling them (almost) a scam :shock::shock:

So where can I find GOOD, AFFORDABLE training? I live in Wisconsin, and would definitely like some hands-on (site/outdoor) training, but as far as all the book learning, I really need it to be from home to avoid fluorescent lit classrooms.

I also wanted advice on the career iteself. Is it a good career as far as outlook, income, market/demand, etc? Is it something I can prosper with just getting into? I’m not looking for a get rich quick, or thinking I can work 25 hrs a week and make $75,000. I’m willing and expecting to work 30-40 hours a week, and I’m definitely not expecting $75,000. I’d be happy with even $40,000, but was estimating around $50,000 fulltime would be average? Is that pretty on?

Like I said, I’m not looking for something to try and get rich from little work. I’m looking for a solid, true career so that I can ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO WORK AGAIN, and preferrably have a comfortable living with as well. As far as my idea of “comfortable”… I was making about $38,000/year previously and that was pretty comfortable to me. $40,000-$45,000/a year would definitely be suitable.

Any help, tips, info, opinions, etc are very much appreciated! Thanks for reading my babbling :slight_smile:

Chelle, please take no offense as this is only my opinion. The HI profession takes way more then a few months of a crash coarse and some minimal training. It takes a good solid background in a related field, then a ton of training and continuing training, oh and did I mention some more training? Then if you end up being knowledgeable to perform a HI, you need to be able to market your biz and be able to get the work. It is possible but is not an easy or get rich quick gig.

Best of Luck


Can you climb a ladder? Can you navigate a roof/attic? Crawl space? Tolerate extreme heat, and extreme cold? Bend, stretch, reach, operate tools? Go up and down stairways several times per inspection?

Chelle, home inspection is a psychically demanding job. Are you able to climb a ladder onto a roof and check the chimney? Can you climb through a attic hatch, across joists and check to see if Knob & Tube is live? How about crawling around in a crawlspace. Home inspection is not just walking around with a clipboard.

Google “Wendy Forsyth”

Give her a call and ask her to share her experience with you.

First you need to find out if your state requires licensing. If so then what are the requirements.

Second as mentioned this profession does have physical requirements/needs.

If you’re serious about this but have physical limitations I might suggest that you look at the report writting aspect. You might beable to find an HI who wants someone to transcribe/write the reports. This still requires the knowledge of an HI but is better suited to someone with physical restrictions. I don’t know how you connect with the right person but I strongly suggest that if this is of interest that you find someone and reach an agreement before you spend money and time on training.

There may also be some help available from your state employment agency for job training or retraining.

Finally, this as mentioned is not something that happens overnight and requires the investment of time and money.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the opinions, and thanks Greg for the name. I found her and will contact her!

When I mentioned “extremely laborous”, I was referring to most outdoors careers, such as construction and landscaping, which has you doing alot of heavy lifting as well as the constant standing, walking, bending, stooping… and for 8-10 hours a day NONSTOP. That is something I could NOT handle. Minimal exhertion or being able to “break” between appointments (and during report write-up times) is something I can learn to handle. And really guys, I have no choice. I need to train my body to be able to handle some exhertion as I have no physical ability left for a career indoors.

Like I said, I’m not looking for a quick and easy way to make money. I’m dedicated and serious with anything I undertake, and this would be no different. I pride myself on excelling within my career and always going above and beyond the “standards”. I absolutely have no problem at all with continual learning. In fact, I actually look forward to that. I live for that. I cannot stand sedimentary, thoughtless jobs they make me feel like a robot! I need to be able to think, learn, analyze, and excel consistantly to stay happy and content.

As far as experience and training, I was planning to do schooling to start, and hopefully get my license after that. I’m looking into anyone in the area that would be willing to mentor me, and let me do either an internship or atleast shadow them some to get further experience before branching out of my own. Ideally I could shadow somebody NOW to get a complete feel or the career before going any further, but we’ll see how that turns out.

I understand it’s not an easy or fast process, and I’m ok with that. No career worth having is an easy or fast process, and if I could handle lighting to work indoors, I’d be going for a Bachelor’s within a hospital setting. So honestly, time commitment and learning is not an issue for me.

I appreciate all the answers!

First and foremost… your family. As a single mother, who’s going to take care of your kids EVERYDAY, often 8 days/week, 12+ hours a day, year after year, while you are performing the multiple tasks required of you everyday? If you don’t have a solid plan for that, go no further. This is not for you!

Change Mother to Father…

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Does senility show early in your family?

Read the first sentence of the OP’s post, dip-s h i t!

So, unless she gave birth before the age of 15, her children are all younger than 15 years old. Perhaps in your family, your parents didn’t give a sh i t about you. That sure would explain your piss poor attitude towards others!

There are some legitimate posts here so far. This is not one for them.

You are missing his point. The fact that she is a single mother is not a disqualifying factor and should not have been mentioned.

Why do you feel my post is not legitimate? What personal experience do you have with the scenario I described? Prove me wrong.

And you are missing **my **point. Let’s wait for the OP to chime back in and get her opinion on if my comment is relavent to her or not. If she finds it offensive, I will happily offer my apologies.


If Chelle suggested that She / He was a 30 Year Old Single Father…
would you have responded the same?


But ignorance may be a contributing cause for u…

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Just turn off the lights. Any company will honor your request, if they hire you.

From your comments, you should not consider this profession. Taking a break in the middle of an inspection is not done.

This is the second or third time I have seen someone post about being physically disabled, not being able to work, but wanting to be a home inspector. What information is out there about the industry that is giving people the notion that our job is easy?