Democrats' Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Failed ‎

Democrats’ Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Failed

We spent $800 billion (of which 96% of it on non shovel ready projects) for nothing?**

American needs JOBS, JOBS, JOBS… now. !
Cut the crap Mr Obama. People are hurting.

Construction unemployment rises to 22.7%.

**Myth Of Obama’s ‘Shovel-Ready’ Jobs Revealed In Unemployment Stats

BOHICA… Obama spent 96% of the 800 BILLION STIMULUS money on everything but SHOVEL-READY JOBS… HE LIED TO US.

**Warning signals of a double-dip recession flash brightly across the world](
US Stocks Down On Global Growth Fears, Falling Consumer Confidence

**Debt as percentage of GDP rises to post-WWII high**‎

Even the damn kool-aid has run out.

62% of adults surveyed feel the country is on the wrong track**](

Gold Price Rises as Weak Labor Market Stokes Demand for Haven](

Joe Biden: “there’s no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.” This brutally frank admission comes 10 days after the White House officially launched its alternative-reality public relations sell known as “Recovery Summer.” The purpose of the campaign, for which Biden was selected as point man(!), was to persuade the American public to distrust their own eyes and ears when it comes to the economy and believe the soothing words from White House about a future that is rosy.

Give me a break…:slight_smile:

Oh Bullsh!t :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a bit more time, eh joey?

This is the worst president of my lifetime

mikey Screw you and your skinkin’ warped political ideology, BTW ain’t you supposed to be off attending a Tea Baggers picnic or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

None of you guys understand the “Chicago Way”. According to the CBO, 42% of the $818 mil has been spend. The remainder is going to be used as a Democrat party sluch fund, during the elections.

Also, BTW, the CBO also estimated that if we keep going in this directions, the National Debt will have almost doubled (37% to 63%).

Hop’s tyhat “hope and change” working for you :mrgreen:

We’re a political org now? :roll:

NFE is a better place … just a thought

This dingbat president is going down in history as the worst, most far left dip**** history has ever seen, and the damage is going to be long lasting.
And I enjoy seeing and hearing from the far left idiots, who are beginning to see the folly of voting for this boob, and all his coalitions that came with him.

Kool-aid causes the blind faith of a lemming.:roll:

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A good protest would be to simply hijack the thread and post nonsense, kills two RWNJ’s with one stone. :mrgreen::p:mrgreen::twisted::shock::roll::stuck_out_tongue:

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Joseph is the poster child for the liberal argument absolutely no facts and can’t find any facts to bolster the argument - just resorts to profanity and personal attacks to try to win the argument. I am waiting for the race card to come out. That is the final straw of the desparate.

And… There ain’t a friggin’ thing you can do about it… Please stick around with your whole 311 posts, your participation here should end up being a riot. :roll:

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Hope your NACHI experience is as good for you as it has been for me. :mrgreen:

Actually Joe - it has been - and will continue to be - and the number of posts has nothing to do with it - I would never put you on ignore - you are a riot - I don’t agree with you politically - but I respect your experience.

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