I don't see a NACHI sign here.


LOL, I bet he stays here though.

If you do not delete him imediatly I will not care.:roll:

Or here http://tucsonhomeinspections.com/

You folks booted me when I had links and these folks go unchecked. *

You are missed Todd.

So, what say you Farsetta ,Bushart.?? It took me one minute to find these two web sites. ESOP my ***. Pick and choose you loosers.

I understand you (JF) are tired of me picking on you. Well my friend you deserve every bit of it as you and I both know you are the puppet that does Nicks dirty work and James, is well, James. Anyone who pays attention or has been here for long enough can see it.

Why do you supose all the long timers are slowly but shurly getting away from this MB? It is shurely not for the lack of info, hell if you have half a brain you can search for all the info any HI will ever need.

The reason the vets leave is due to Nicks bs and the 3-7 stooges that wish to run this board, now do not get me wrong I did not want to leave as I thought I could help the newer folks as was NACHI’s way.

I will still visit this board and try to help newer Inspectors to find there way, but as for you JF, James B and your minions you may all kiss my ***.:D:D:D:D:D

Spell check not included:cool:

Hurry up and kill your pint and try to get some sleep, Todd.

I know about the “bring Todd back” thread and I do thank the folks that are on my side, but I really have no use for the NACHI perks anymore. I do more inspections than I want to as it is and have not recieved a lead from NACHI in quite some time. So, on I go in my new job as an Estimator, HI, TI, and …VP of Southern Arizona opperations.:D:D:D:D:D

I do 2-5 HI a week and the rest of my time is spent in meetings with Builders. Damn I am good.:p:p

Well, I am VERY happy for you. :slight_smile: Good job!

Wow James you do not pay much attention, I am stone cold sober. I think it’s funny that the best you could do is hit on my booze problem. What a looser…

Good advice though. Off to bed. I have a meeting at 8 and an inspection at 11 and another meeting at 3. Take care James… What do you have on the books for tomorrow?

I personally checked A thru C in the member directory. If the NACHI logo needs to be shown above the ASHI logo on a member’s web site then you’d be surprised who is in violation of this policy. Are you prepared to tell some of Nick’s friends they’re in violation and they must modify their site? That I’d like to see. :wink:

Nice of you to stop by…again…and remind us…again…of how glad you are…again…not to be a member.:wink:

Until next time…

A pint? If I was drinking (and I am not) a pint ? I do not drink booze so to speak I drink beer. You James are from the far reaches of the bottom of what NACHI used to stand for. I feel sorry for the members of this board as you speak crap and unfortunatly the new folks do not know any better.Therefore I am sad for the newbies.:(:(:frowning:


So James hows the HI biz going?

If you were honest, Todd…which you are not…you are really sad for the fact that your departure (again, like the one last year when you threatened not to renew your membership) has made hardly a ripple.:smiley: :smiley:

Bye…again (and again, and again, and again…):roll:

LO farking L.

What say you ESOP ??

Wow, you are a dumb ***, I was offered full re instatement by Nick and John Bowman.:cool:

I wonder how many folks would waste 18 pages on your dismissal.

…and again…and again…and again…and…

LOL you suck and at least 80% of the members wish you would leave. Tell the man with the strings I said hi.:mrgreen:

Again and again. ect.

again…and again…and again…and again…and

James you are just eating it up. Again and again

I think I will take Nick up on his offer just to piss you off.:D:p