Denver passes new law that will result in many thousands of inspections for InterNACHI members

Denver passed a new law that will result in many thousands of inspection jobs for InterNACHI members: Denver Passes Law Requiring Rental Housing Inspections, Landlord Licenses

InterNACHI founder Nick Gromicko has been appointed to Denver’s new Residential Rental License Advisory Group. The group was convened by legislators to provide input to the City and County of Denver on the rental license inspection checklist needed to implement the Residential Rental License Program. The group has 6 meetings scheduled to create the inspection checklist to be used by certified home inspectors.

Gromicko is lobbying legislators in 45 other major cities to adopt of similar rental inspection laws requiring landlords to hire InterNACHI members before each new lease is signed.


What are the… “45 other major cities” ?

It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I’ve been doing them here for over 10 years in Baltimore and Baltimore County (each with different requirements).

Baltimore County is self explanatory with a single sheet (landlords can get it the first time if they can read). Baltimore City has a four page inspection sheet with a single page addendum for multi unit rentals and a 9 page document to explain to inspectors how to fill out the 4 pages. Jeesh!

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Did one of these is Sacramento and Citrus Heights CA. 2 hour training and done. Similar to our regular home inspections with a few additional requirements (not big time items either).