Master Inspector Certification Board written into new inspection law

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Happy you/the CMI board is/are working within a states legislative assembly but how does this help home inspectors again?

It gives Denver CMIs thousands of additional inspections each year as every rental has to be regularly inspected now.

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That would help other markets too, which I believe you said was in the works.

What other marketing areas are in the works?

We’re sending letters to every city on the continent offering our help.


I know you had a motive. I should have considered that. Great work.

I would like to see my area adopt something similar. I have some regular landlords use my services, but I think there are many that don’t care about the conditions of their buildings or the living conditions of their tenants and just collect rent. Thanks for all you do!

Craig Parent

Congratulations, NIck!

From link:

Also: Master Inspector Certification Board Executive Director Nick Gromicko has been appointed to Denver’s new Residential Rental License Advisory Group. The group was convened by legislators to provide input to the City and County of Denver on the rental license inspection checklist needed to implement the Residential Rental License Program. The group has 6 meetings scheduled to create the inspection checklist to be used by certified home inspectors.

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My area has such a periodic rental inspection program, and I perform such inspections (they are not a perfect match to the SOP). As well I helped write some of the checklist questions.