Design septic system

Planning on building a garage with apartment.
Future build house with 4 bedrooms
What is the max distance I can locate septic tank from garage to allow for connection to future house Can I over build septic bed leaching field
Located in Ontario

Welcome Elmer! Hope some of those “north” of the border can help you out.

Elmer, this is not a DIY forum.

Good luck!

But I’m sure “someone” will be here to help him… :wink:

Yes, his AHJ or equivalent.
But he said to do it like this. :wink:

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Not planning DIY just trying to site plan on 3 acre

Architect or knowledgeable draftsman?

Absolutely not Elmer. Call your local/provincial authority for help with your project.


WAFI alert!


Hint: You can do anything you want until you can’t.

Check with your local health department or equivalent department. Likely will need some type of permit or special training to do it yourself. To design a leach field you will need to know something about your soil type to get the rate of water absorption to do the design. Some soil types are not suitable for a standard leach field, which requires a more advanced and expensive system.