Designed gap between wall and window frame?

High rise Condo (of course)

Poured concrete structure with Traco hopper style windows and fixed.(metal frame).
Observed gap at each one between frame and interior walls in the unit ,with a felt strip shoved in.
gap looks ugly , but seems to be intentional.

Any ideas for what this is intended?

Assuming that is a drywall return, Yes that is intentional. In my former career, I did many that way, about 1/4 in is sufficient, to allow for the difference in expansion and contraction, and prevent condensation transfer.

Post script, Your right, it is ugly, and the job is not top notch.

So are you saying this is a substitute for weeps,“concrete structure style”.?

Need some more info on this one.
Notice the curve in gaping that gets wider at the top .Yep ugly.

I need some more info on this one as well, Call me?