Vinyl Windows. Please proof this new inspection article.

I have been seeing you request proof reading for these Inspection Articles but never thought to look for a place where they are grouped together till now.

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Very helpful to inspectors and a nice benefit for members to have access in way of permission to copy them .

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Thanks. Here they all are: We produce 2 new articles a week.

Good mention of the welded corner, I saw this a lot on windows.

You mentioned alarm holes at bottom of window, not to be picky, as it’s a good point. But top can be detrimental as well, a lot of manu’s will void warranties upon a fastener or similar being placed in top or bottom. Some mention? Minor, I realize.

I will look over again and note anything else.

Another one I saw night and day when I was more active in Window Installs (1000’s), was the use of Block Frame Vinyl windows, it’s easy to catch where a homeowner had their windows replaced with vinyl block frame window and extruded aluminum trim or similar around sides of window. Contractors will pull window frames out of the building and slip a block frame in. Caulk it, crummy trim and you’re done!

Time bomb, plain and simple.

Good article overall,


Some thing to add.
They have nailing flanges that never STOP moving. This causes separation of the caulking from the framing member, they then become a leak source.
We cannot see this on a finished house. But what we can see when we are doing pre drywall, is if the house wrap has been installed under the nailing flange.
When this is done, and the window is caulked on top of the house wrap, it is very easy for any water that penetrates the houe wrap to have a easy route into the house.

Installed correctly, vinyl windows are great.

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