Destruction of a drone

I thought I seen a FAA law that states that if a inspectors drone was intentionally knocked out of the sky that, the individual that committed this act had violated a federal law and could be fined for his actions?
Would you guys be so kind as to guide me in the right direction in finding this law?

Honestly it would be impossible for them to even know/find out about it.
The reporting laws are kind of like an honesty thing.
Basically, just follow the arial flight restriction rules and don’t be a dick and f#$% with people and you’ll be fine.

I just don’t like when a neighbor comes out angry as can be, threatening to destroy my drone, while my drone is insured, registered, and I have a written work agreement from the owner.
I wanted a document to show this angry person what he is risking by destroying my drone.
In a situation like this I would suggest to the angry person to call the local law-enforcement, and that way they will control the angry person after figuring out that I’m there to do a service for a client.

You think they will have the capacity, at that moment in time, to calmly read a “document” you happen to have handy?

This is all quite obtuse.

Did the individual damage or destroy your property? If so call the police and file a criminal complaint. If he’s just bitching and threatening, tell him that you’re working and to leave you alone. Tell him that if he decides to do something that you will call the police. Make sure you’re legal and in FAA compliance or quietly put it back in your vehicle.

No law about it!
I’m in the deep south mind you …But,
I would walk over there and try my best to kick his ass…Yep!

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