Detached Garage Walls

This garage was partially built into a hillside with trees growing against the footings. One side wall and the entire rear wall are seriously structurally compromised. Walls are leaning inward from the top by as much as 4", in addition to bulging, displacement and joint cracking. House was constructed late 1950’s, garage appears to be about the same vintage.

John, do you have a question?


The photos were posted because I thought members would have an interest in viewing the images. I guess the only question is how close is this garage to collapse?

No one can predict how much time these walls have before they suddenly collapse, but I would simply recommend that this entire structure be evaluated by a structural engineer.

I inspected a home 2 days ago with an addition at the rear. This addition was built to close to a huge tree. The tree grew and pushed against the addition and heaved the hardwood floor inside.

Agree with David.

My report comments recommended evaluation by a licensed professional structural engineer.

Needs more dirt, on the inside. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, you could simply call for a repair or demolition in this case, couldn’t you? No expert is going to call this acceptable, so an evaluation is just a waste of $$, IMO.

John Kogel

Recommend an abatement Contractor to remove the ACM on the exterior of the building.
The next step would be to contact a Demolition Contractor;

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Repair of this structure would be very difficult and more expensive than demolition and re-construction, all of which was discussed with my client during the inspection. Yes, in many ways a structural evaluation would be a waste of money, but I am not comfortable recommending demolition in the report. Other comments regarding the obvious instability of the building were specifically written in the report. This is a forclosure sale and there were many other issues with the home.