Failing Garage Structure

I’m simply starting another thread on failing garages. This garage has been inching towards a failure for the last year. Anyone want to guess the fall date?


How about this beautiful antique garage?


I’ve got another one…


Good ones David.

8 more years on the first one.

First 14" wet snow storm.

The garage door will fall when someone tries to open it. The garage won’t.


slight breeze ought to take care of both pieces of junk :mrgreen: (sorry, I live in GM country)

The first one will be fine if they leave that concrete block alone!!

I’ll guess it at Feb. 10 2012 ! The first picture . Second one we’ll find out if the pickup is ford tough !

I am betting 7 years full devastation on the first one with out interference.

I hope I am around in 7-8 more years Wayne, and David will have to monitor it for the next 8 years.
Wow, you better stick around David. :slight_smile:

Don’t know what all the hoopla is all about. Those walls look* plumb* to me! :shock::wink:

Studs are just getting shorter on one side, that’s all. :wink:

It’s the door that leaning.:wink:



now that explains a lot…:mrgreen:

See… that’s what I’m sayin’ :wink:

Did you not see Marcels post with the visual evidence? :roll::wink:


Perhaps that “Tim Burton” guy lived there…

And the studs are getting shorter on one side. :mrgreen::wink:

“Carpenter” ants??? :shock::roll::wink:

They must be hungry. :mrgreen:

OOps, forgot they don’t eat wood, they make tunnels, so must be a baby boom year. :):wink: