Deteriorating BLOCKS, so lol just add soil aka, raise n slope the grade? pfft!

:30----40 you got 10 seconds? a good example of what can happen to blocks, block basement walls too, if your bubblehead-butt doesn’t ‘protect’ them, parge/waterproof them. Adding soil will NOT do SQUAT!

what else do some weakly try? yeah, installing exterior drain tile along the stupid thing, yeah sure okay, like THAT is going to keep water from further wetting, deteriorating the blocks

Yeah, just add lots and lots of soil. :thinking:

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i will never, ever understand the common sense in that crap, adding soil when one has a leaky basement, why? lolol What does THAT do? Yeah shtt sure the 5 or 10 whatever bags of top soil etc you plop down will soak up some water but doing that has NOT found, has not identified how, where the water is getting in, YOU have a problem and you should be playing a good detective but instead you do dumb shtt, cheap shtt