Grading, let's raise and slope the grade and hire a nitwit to install drain tile

so UP we go, UP we go, UP we go and then let’s spend $2,000 on exterior frenchie-Fuqua (Steelers) drain tile

“Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump. LOL

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here were why/where most of the water was getting in basement in 3 areas, NOT because of poor grading or a supposed BS need for INT or EXT drain tile

chimney partially dug out, 2 EXT cracks etc in chimney walls

sometimes these cracks are wider and sometimes they are hairline/thin, either way, they DO allow water in and often it is quite a bit of water

quick look here at 3 areas, chimney, B window and small area of back wall, NOTE- the openings in brick LEDGE, they were allowing most of the water in and those WIDER gaps just under back door would allow water in basement but would take a wind-blown rain from the north/from the backyard to force,drive water in-against those gaps, but those gaps can aloow mice n insects in… eh?
Homeowner has a DECK in back, part of it against the house so a section of deck needed to be removed 5’ x 5’ approx. The GRADE was RAISED UP against 3 crs of bricks and mortar joints, unprotected, slowly deteriorating mortar joints and when SOME of them deteriorated ENOUGH, that is when water began entering in that area, POINT is raising the grade doesn’t fix SHTT and CAN help deteriorate some of the unprotected bricks or M joints, helllloooooooooooooo

You cannot ‘stop’ water by installing an interior basement system when the problems are ext-cracks in chimney etc, so when you see some plastic or vinyl crap up-against chimney wall inside basement (its often white) all THEY did was attach that shtt on inside to continue to allow the water to penetrate through the EXT cracks or other ext openings so it runs down the wall into their pathetic lil drain tile n then they hope around perimeter n into s ump pump, this water diverting system costs MORE than what we did, much more.

That back wall crack you cannot INJECT from inside w/epoxy plus it is IMPOSSIBLE to INJECT any those EXT gaps along brick ledge and below door from inside basements, pffft.

A few homeowners might be able to DIVERT enough water outside by playing with the grade IF, IF, IF most or all of the backfilled soil against the basement walls is… SAND. But if you are selling your house then THAT is NOT the honest thing to do, that shtt has NOT sealed/waterproofed/tuckpointed the actual—EXISTING-defects that allowed water to enter the stupid basement.

THAT, to me would be like if you had a leaky older ROOF and instead of getting a NEW roof you put a couple TARPS up there which, so far, has kept most or all of the water/rain from entering but the EXISTING defects, the actual problem, is still there!!!

A submarine, in duh ocean… lol, DEEP down in the ocean… plz tell Bubba, why they don’t LEAK.
Are there DRAIN TILES inside the sub or a boat?
Are there drain tile OUTSIDE the sub or a boat?
Is the GRADE of the ocean PITCHED away from the sub?
Do these subs have one or more sump pumps that will supposedly keep 'em dry if water begins to enter if the sob bitch hit something that caused a crack + in it, like duh RMS Titanic?

Why do ROOFS leak?
Are there drain tiles around duh perimeter of roofs?
Are there drain tiles inside, in the attic?
If you installed 2,3,4 sump pumps in the attic, would that keep roofs from leaking?
Is it the ‘pitch’ of the roof that would cause roof to leak, huh?
Ya have flat roofs that do not leak, NO PITCH, no drain tiles, but roofs begin to leak cuz… ?

How about your stupid car…
are there drain tiles on the roofs of your cars?
are there drain tiles inside your cars?
do you have a sump pump inside your car?
why would water begin to enter your car n drop of your heads or through windshield OTHER than if you drove the stupid car off a bridge n into a lake?

Windows in your houses, are there drain tiles on exterior perimeter of windows?
Do you have drain tiles around inside of your windows?
How about a sump pump?
Why would a window begin to leak?
Would it maybe be because of the grade or pitch or slope of the WIND? lol oh my.

What about your stinky azz toilets, they always have water in em, well, at least mine does ok.
Do you have drain tiles in your toidy?
Did you install drain tiles around the base of your stinky toliet?
How about a sump pump?
Why would your toidy begin to leak, other than maybe something like because of a massive dump?