Deterioration of fully exposed steel beam
…'steel was left unprotected…steel beam had no coating protection…
moisture was allowed in where a hole is…

Not all leaky basements are due to exterior cracks in walls etc. Sometimes there are exterior-HOLES/openings as in the following 3 photos… One point is, installing any interior basement system and carbon fiber straps, wall anchors etc will not STOP further water from entering, will not stop further deterioration etc

Ask the Inspector, Flakey basement walls sign of costly problem
Duh notice again a homeowner gets different opinions, duh usual.

The photo… i cannot see enough to determine exact problem.
Could be a rod hole(s) or hairline crack in wall or 1 or more exterior openings/problems ABOVE grade etc but, that’s what NEEDS to be determined before anything is done.

Costly? Depends on what one means and again, depends on what the actual-problem is.
If its a rod hole then that’s nothing.
If water is entering through one or more openings above grade then it depends what THAT is. If its 1+ open-cracked mortar joints then that wouldn’t be too bad

If water is entering through an opening/crevice around-under a basement window or door then THAT wouldn’t be much.

If its a crack, sure, that would cost a bit more. If they are only getting this flaking/water in… in ONE area and the problem is a crack in wall then they do ‘not’ need to do/waterproof the entire wall.

Ya feel me… huh?
DETERMINE, find, the exact/actual problem… THEN you can fix that dumb az problem

DON’T get talked into (bs’d) re----grading, don’t get talked into adding a 1,000’ long downspout extension and NEVER get talked into an interior basemet system… FIND the problem!

Who knows, maybe one day all builders will ‘waterproof’ the exterior walls (not damproof) AND backfill with most-all gravel.(not backfill with same excavated soil plus usually a bunch of other sht like bricks, blocks,wood etc)

And they need to begin to at least, parge the exterior of all crawlspace walls, dummies!
Some deterioration in blocks where pipes go through crawlspace wall, water gets in through anything like this…

Same house, someone thought pouring concrete all along the house, along the wall, would stop water from getting in. Did it? loool And how much cash was spent of that supposedly good idea? The concrete has been saw-cut in this photo, in order to hand dig/waterproof

B Dry installed their interior system here…‘Basement Nightmare’
Did it stop the water from where it is STILL coming in? Duh!
Mold, efflorescence etc.
Did B-Dwwwwy correctly and honestly DETERMINE where the friggin water was/is actually entering? No way Jose.
Incompetent, self-serving blshtt, screwing over homeowners and some home inspectors RECOMMEND B Dry to homeowners… really?
Then sue those sob’s as well.