Leaky basement, leaky basement window,frame, see duh rust

Poured basement walls, if one only looks down low inside basement, they’d see water pooling on floor from under window to corner area and many would call an interior basement drainage system moron who’d bs,lie and scam homeowners out of many thousands $, oh yes.

inside view of basement

outside 1-2 minute water test, water began entering quickly

these inside system scammers will never do a water test, let alone 4 free, because they aren’t HONEST and–or are totally incompetent, it’s all about sell sell sell YOU their version of an interior system for their benefit $$$$

So part of or all of this homeowners problem IS the basement window/frame…

now might she also have 1 or 2 deteriorated leaky rod holes or a vertical crack in wall lurking behind the drywall? Yeah she might and, she might not. I can see the TOP of her poured wall outside and did not see the top of a vertical crack so i doubt that… only other possible problem could be a leaky rod hole and if so, not much $$ to fix that.

She did not opt to remove part of her drywall today which would have clearly shown any other possible problem, dig?

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I agree with your assessment. Replacing the leaking window would be the first thing that should be done Mark.

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how are you doing Mr C. ?

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Living the dream as some say, but just getting more expensive.
Keep up the good work you do.
Oh, and slow down on puffing those things. It took me 42 years to dump them and glad I did. Good luck my friend.

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so if they have that nasty rusted window replaced with a properly installed vented glass block window they may find they saved a bundle …of course the sound of multiple sump pumps singing in the basement can have a calming effect when you are trying to fall asleep…just sayin…


42 years! yeah pretty much the same here Mr C, what a shtty habit.

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lololllllllllllll, ‘calming effect’

Hey Mark, I hope all is good with you and yours.

You do many a great service here and on the job if they can look past the crustiness…what?..I said that?

Take care, brother! :+1:

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crustiness ?,is that a word ?


i dig that, okay, that’s my new nickname, from Unc-Bubba to Uncle Crusty! lol

poured basement wall, leaky basement, drywall against basement wall.

homeowner had a handy dude remove about 18" of drywall way down low, i go over n see bottom of a hairline crack leaking and other water stains about 6" over from crack

here were her problems and solution

many homeowners get water in, call nimrod INT system and they tell homeowners they have hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor etc and supposedly need their interior nimrod system, just because water is seen where the bottom of the basement wall meets the nimrod floor = stOOpid.

ahh, found short video when i was there for estimate