Detroit to demolish 10,000 abandoned properties


Where is all the Obama money and economic upswing?

You would rather dilapidated properties keep standing for kids to play in?
Get a grip.

Glad to see how under Obama, that stuff is finally getting taken care of.

The International Property Maintenance Code of 2009 requires that a city either permanently board up and secure such properties or demolish them.

Complying with this code will actually increase the values of the remaining properties. This is an excellent thing for the city to do for its residents.

Racially prejudiced haters of the President are going to have to find something else to pretend to be miffed about. I wish my city would do the same thing.

Why is it that James Bushart is the only one that ever mentions the color of a man’s skin?

You have to love liberal economics.

Rather that actually do something to improve the economy and grow real jobs so people can buy vacant homes, they tear them down to improve neighboring property values so they have more property tax dollars to tear down more homes. :roll:

Someone please turn out the lights in Detroit as you leave.

I’m glad they are FINALLY doing something about all the vacant burned out homes in Detroit. Those of us in the Metro Detroit area want them gone!

They are leaving by the bus load. Have been since the 60’s.

It’s still Obama’s fault…because…because…it just is. The fact that he was not born is a convenient excuse made up by liberals. Got it?

You have to look closely to see the Nazi connection, here. Glenn Beck will show you.

Actually, according to the emperor, it’s Bush’s fault.

I agree with Detroit’s decision. Im sure it wasnt easy. Most of them are standing wrecks waiting for fire or rot. This is Detroit’s chance to start over.

Let’s see.

Does that mean that liberal(progressive) policies have failed to live up to the promises? :wink:

Do you watch Glenn Beck or just believe what liberals and the administration say about him?

The problems in Detroit started decades ago with liberal promises.

Actually it started when dirt wad Regan destroyed the middle class with all the jobs he sent to China using his help the Fat Cat corporations and factories policy of encouraging them to turn traitor to their own country.

Nothing works as well as giving the Corporations a nice juicy tax incentive to hightail it to China.

Too bad he got Alzheimer"s and could not remember how so many of the issues we face today are a result of his short sighted method of boosting Wall Street at all of our expense.

Gutting workers into the unemployment line or giving them mandates to take pay cuts along with losing Health benefits turned into a toxic soup of cities like Detroit turning into vaste wastelands of what once was.
So ironic that the Republicans had a convention there.

I seem to recall them painting bushes green to look fresh on camera.

Much like his policies that only painted a temporary boost to wall street when they were happy to see people taking paycuts and eating dog food so investors could make a profit.

Thanks for the China issue,Health issue and Abandoned buildings of Detroit “Regan”,you dirt wad.

Chicago solved their public housing problem by demolishing their problematic projects. New housing was not built to replace the demolished units. Residents were given Section 8 vouchers and now live in the suburbs and closer to the imprisoned fathers of their children. New condo and townhome properties are now replacing the demolished projects and are being bought up by the suburbanites excaping the Section 8 dwellers.

The circle of life Linas.:shock:

Why didn’t Obama just give everyone a new homes? Everyone has a right to a house, yes? Obama loves us, I don’t understand.

I have a feeling that something like this will be coming to your town soon.

Wow, I’m always amazed by the negativity of this board.

what is this supposed to mean??? :shock: :roll: :frowning: :frowning: :mad: