devhum offers free InterNACHI site builder.

Nick, Again I say THANK YOU.Signed up and started. I set the past weekend to kick into gear and started laying a site out in my head. Next stop Dom’s service. Look out here we come.:mrgreen:

Problem; You must include street address under contact info. I do not want or need that. Phone # is enough for me.

Christopher,Once you do the initial info you can go back and edit out the address. I work from my home and still enjoy some privacy too.

I tried that, it would not let me remove address. I’ll try again later.

Christopher, HMMMM:neutral:. Try again. Did you read Ben’s tips for your site?

I learned long ago to get a P O Box. That way my home address isn’t visible.


If you not happy with Nick’s free version try…

Best builder I ever used and pinpoint accurate. So easy a third grader can use it and it’s very affordable.

Christopher, I was wrong address is needed I deleted the map only. PO box here we come.


You still need to list a city, or town. I serve a large area of small to mid-size towns (20,000-50,000). If I list my home town the others do not call. The “others” are the majority of my business. My phone number alone works best for me.

Have you tried using “Madison County” instead of “Godfrey” for the city?