Device attached to the meter??

What is the device that is attached to the water meter? It has 4 seperate lines and have never seen one off a main water meter.

Home had a water softener.

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Are you talking about the thin wire if that is the case it is so the meter reader can read the meter from out side the home .
In our area all homes are done this way and it looks like a small hockey puck . They just put their reader to it and all information it transfer to a hand held device . Downloaded back at the office .
Roy Cooke

Not sure, but it looks like a remote reading device for the meter reader. The ones I’ve seen don’t look exactly like that but it could be an older model. They are popular in apt/condo complexes here where the complex was originally setup for water to be included in the rent but then mgmt decided to meter each unit separately. I’m sure they can be used in SFR’s as well.

I would say if you are talking about the little black gizmo on the right side of the meter face, then that is almost certainly what it is. There are very few houses in my area without them.
Look for a little gray, brown or black bell wire coming off and heading up and outside to a little plastic housing somewhere usually on the front of the house.

An older meter reading device. We use them here in virtually all of our new construction, and the utility company is placing them in older neighborhoods as they upgrade the public sewer system from the 1890s.