Smart water meter for water efficiency

I saw this device installed in the water meter from a recent home inspection:


I did further research about this, as per

“Traditional water meters are read monthly or bi-monthly by a meter reader and a water bill is generated from this manual reading of the meter. “Smart” meters can be read remotely and more frequently, providing instant access to water consumption information for both customers and water utilities. Sometimes “smart” meters are referred to as “time-of-use” meters, because in addition to measuring the volume consumed, they also record the date and time that the water consumption occurs.”

Ha, Ha, In many cases the equipment being used is smarter than the people using it!

Another means for them to track what you do day to day.


Does it emit RF radiation like a “Smart” electric meter?

Good info but the link appears to no longer function.

These are definitely a plus for homeowners IF they can access them in real time and the leak dial also is monitored in some way.

The typical “smart” water meters here are not remotely accessible in real time, that would be too expensive. Instead, a van drives down the block where the meter is and remotely reads the meters. Never seen one where they could read it remotely from their office/facility.