DeWalt DCF680N1 Product review

I bought a DeWalt electric screwdriver and it is Gyroscopic in features. Meaning when you tilt your hand right it tightens and left it losens.

See here

I bought it for $89 at Lowes and love it. The battery lasts 3 days (About 18 inspections) for me. Fits well in my tool belt and very easy to use and there is a two battery option for $99.

I give it a big thumbs up…love it and works well for our profession.

Neat thanks for the post … Roy

Nice. …just what I’m looking for

Sounds cool thanks for the review.

Nice. I want one now.

Thanks, I’m looking around now, i did a commercial with 10 sub panels, i wish I had it then…

Got mine from amazon, $89.00. Comes with two batteries and a charger. One of the best tools I ever bought! Great for panels, fits in the pouch.

It’s a great screwdriver and affordable tool and also FYI Black & Decker makes the same thing tiny bit smaller actually.