Tired of Cleaning up Stupid Leaks


This might help :smiley:

Sweet! I see it for $105 w/ battery & charger at Amazon. I think I’ll order one today. It’s only $50 if you’ve already got a battery & charger for other Dewalt tools.

I have been using all sorts of things and the last leak was the last straw. I stopped on the way home to get a 1 or 2 gallon wet/dry shop vac at the big box store and this was only $100 more (I paid $139). It holds a 1/2 gallon and is small. It will also clean up those attic hatch messes. :smiley:

I always get the Listing agents to do that for me.

Did we forget to check for drainline and clamp attachment? :shock:

That’s never happend to me! :roll:


Well, been using it a week now and it is excellent at cleaning up attic hatch insulation, haven’t tried any water yet, touch wood. :smiley:


I just use a drop cloth for the attic hatch and knock on wood I haven’t had that large a leak yet.

If I get one more different brand of tool that uses a different battery I’ll quit. I have Milwaukee and Ryobi now. As great as that looks I’m not adding to my collection.