Addition Tools

This may help someone.
I keep a small container with:

screws (electrical panels),
driver bits (access panels),
hose caps (faucets, water heater drains, laundry)
band aids (me getting cut)
small screw drivers (tight areas)

Seems like the access panels and furnaces always have various screw heads.
This screw driver that cost $9.99 is a great tool, I use 4 rechargeable AA batteries, great life and another tip I just started to do is if you take out bit it can be used for a nut driver. (I have an assortment of those as well)
Hope it helps, it save me, like today!!

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I only have 4 bits for mine.

Do you need more? Or do you not find the need.

Nope ! No need. I have a square head, flat, phillips and a little container of torque’s.
And a 1/4 inch driver set that I hardly ever use.

I keep a socket set in my bag that has an assortment of bits and up to a 3/4" socket. Only time I have used it was because I dropped my Robertson bit down the register and needed a new one. I have a multi tool I carry and use that on bolts if needed.

I h love my little gun shaped “not straight” screw driver it has to be going on 10 years. I cannot believe it still works. I think I would like a straight one better but figure as long as mine keeps going I can’t justify it. I could not imagine even a 4 point without it.

I use a small lithium battery rechargeable screw gun (very small but has a lot of torque). Lithium batteries hold their charge for a very long time when not used often. I’ve found that in most cases, if I remove the bit from the screw gun, the bit slot matches the hex head screws on furnace cabinets (no need for the 1/4 in. driver bit).

I keep extra batteries as well as I have encountered a few thermostats with dead ones that need replacing. I keep a battery pack for tools, & thermostats in my bag of tools. Came in handy today, seller, agent & buyer appreciate the efforts. Need to replenish for next day!!

I basically made this post to try to help newer inspectors, I understand you seasoned, experienced guys have all your bases covered.

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Good idea Dave. I’m looking at my pouch which I carry on my belt right now and I’ve got a small package of red flags stickers to mark things with, some chalk for showing the location of issues on the roof, a black marker, a siding tool, thermometer, tick tracer and a mini kobalt multitool with six or seven bits in it. And down in the bottom of the pouch I have extra panel screws from Square D in case I come across one that’s missing.


I carry a large hammer. lol

Get 'em while they last… today only!

I got me a 3/4 hp black & decker drill (4’ cord and 25’ extension cord) to undo panels with OR drill out ones that are in too tight. Real powerful.