DFW Supra keys

A while back i got a email about something being presented in the CCAR to allow inspectors to use their Supra keys without a CBS code. Haven’t seen anything about it since. Anyone here know what, if anything, became of that?

No policy change for Associate Members listed on their website http://www.ccar.net/public/keybox.aspx

I’ll ask Francine at LCAR next time I see her, maybe at luncheon tomorrow if I can get there in time…

Survey call today for my input regarding inspectors having full access associate supra-key

The lady I spoke with diligently recorded all of my responses/thoughts on this matter and read them back to me to make sure she was quoting me correctly

Appears some action in the right direction is in the works

BTW, she’s an agent/broker at one of the local assoc. and agreed 100% that there should be a policy change in regard to TREC inspectors

what kind of access do you’ll have if its not 100%?

Typically, associate members of many local boards must obtain a 7-digit CBS code (Call Before Showing) from the Listing Agent. Full access would allow entry with no CBS code.

I guess we have full access down here. As long as I don’t leave the Supra at home “I’m in like Flynn.”

Yes, it’s up to the local boards as to how much control they want on associate or affiliate members of their organizations. I suppose your chapter is more trusting than others. Let’s hope they all start moving in that direction.

Well mine is with Houston Assoc. of Rltrs. which covers all of the suburbs as well. Surprising that other smaller cities don’t grant more access. One would think smaller areas would have less trouble with people doing stuff they shouldn’t.

Has nothing to do with “trouble with people doing stuff they shouldn’t”

Please provide one example of this occurring.

Has to do with power and control over inspectors.

A boycott has been long past due but getting the balls-less TREC inspectors to unite has also been impossible. Scared they might loose their teat.

The person that handles your new request at SABOR (S.A. Board of Realtors) doesn’t know about this cbs code, tho, and doesn’t tell you what’s in store.

Many of the realtos are unaware, also.
Trips up the phone answer person in the office.

Need more Supra info.

We need CBS in DFW. What about other areas?

San Antonio?
El Paso?

Working on getting this changed in DFW.

John, The Austin Bd of Realtors and the Williamson County Association of Realtors (North suburban Austin/Georgetown area) both require a CBS code for affiliate members. I have little trouble obtaining that code from the listing agent but would, of course, prefer not to.

I put all responsibility for getting the CBS code on the Buyer/buyer agent. I tell them when they schedule that they need to get their agent to get the CBS code from the listing agent and email or call me with it by the day before the inspection.

Had to retrain a few agents, but over all they come around. I just explain that CSS has it 1 or 2 times out of 100, and that listing agents are more likely to call the buyers agent back. Maybe this will make them want to give us more access.

If buyer agents were smart they would make getting the CBS code part of their intial contact on the house with the offer.

Ellis county, Weatherford and Grand Prairie board of realtors now allow supra keys for isnpectors without cbs codes

The Metro Tex BOR is having heated discussions with MLS over this issue.

I informed them that roughly 400 inspectors were about to shift to Grand Prairie BOR if they did not get the heads out of their a##. Waiting for their reply.


Craig Lemmon- CMI
Real Estate Inspections of Texas LLC
Colleyville, Texas

I called Ellis and they were very helpful. Lewisville may be disassociating with MetroTex in January and are interested in non CBS as well. 

I spoke with MetroTex and they were polite but reminded me of TREC bureaucracy. Kinda like “If we do it we will be doing you a favor” or “You’ll do as told” albeit in a polite manner.

I’ll be going to Ellis or GP soon. If I leave MetroTex I will not be going back. They are too slow to respond to inspector needs.

Do any of the Dallas area Associations offer the SUPRA key to inspectors without the use of the CBS code? If so would the key work in all areas of DFW?

I am tired of paying for the Collin County membership for the sole purpose of having the SUPRA key and then having to go through the hassle of the CBS code. Looking to change.

I heard Grand Prarie and Mesquite
For sure Ellis in Waxahachie.
Lewisville in January 2010
MetroTex is dug in; they ain’t gonna do it.
I hear they work everywhere

I am changing too.

Lewisville did split with Metro Tex and is still requiring CBS codes. CCAR has made it an option for the listing agents to leave the CBS code with CCS - that’s lame. Metro Tex is, as you say, a bit condescending:


The CBS code requirement is for all affiliate keys, not just licensed inspectors. There is currently no separate key type for a licensed inspector vs. any other type of affiliate that may have a key - such as unlicensed real estate assistants, contractors, etc. I understand the difficulty you often find in getting the CBS codes from agents, but there is no excuse for that and we need to do a better job of educating agents on how easy it is for them to get that information (much easier now that in the past).

Since the all associations in North Texas share a common key box system, we have all agreed to have the same access levels for keyholders. A couple of associations that have allowed full access cards for affiliates are in violation of that shared agreement. The other associations, including MetroTex are reviewing policies to see if there is a compromise that can be made.

While you are certainly welcome to change your service to another provider if you feel that best benefits you in the long run, the end result will be that either we all come to a uniform decision or the keys will not work across the entire market area, causing you to get service from multiple providers and I don’t think anyone wants that result.

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I concur with Adair in that all HIs should refuse to pay for key cards until the CBS requirement is removed. But attempting to get Texas HIs to do anything intelligent in concert is a complete wast of time, in my experience.

Well that sucks.

I will still probably change to one that does not require a CBS code. In the event they start breaking it up and not working all over or requiring multiple memberships for SUPRA alone, I will stop carrying one altogether.

On the idea of changing Associations. I believe I remember the membership coming up at the beginning of the year. While I think the SUPRA fee comes in in mid year for me. If I change from CCAR, will I have to turn that key back in and get another from the new association?

Tha is my understanding.