Who Do I Contact for DFW Area Supra Key Access

At this point, I am not interested in joining any additional associations to get a supra key. Can someone educate me about how to get one, who to call and how much it costs?

Also, as inspectors, do most of you have supra keys or, do you depend on the agent to open the property?

Your help is appreciated.

David Selman
Selman Home Inspections

If I remember correctly the only way to get the Supra key is to become an associate member of CCAR. It may have changed but that was the only way when I started. Agents will depend on you to have your own key. Agents do not want to run all over town to let there inspector in the house to inspect. I would say about half the homes I do are on Supra. It a business expense bottom line.


In the DFW area you can contact Lee Ann Dempsey at 817-336-5165. She is with the GFWAR (Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors). Cost is going to run you several hundred dollars initially and then I believe about $150.00+ each year. Definitely want the Supra key on hand. If closer to Dallas, maybe she can help you with who to call closer to your area.


Out of curiosity, in my area (Kansas) our Supra Keys are set up so an Affiliate needs the Listing Agents 7-digit “CBS” Code (call before showing) before you can can input our own pin code and enter.

About 3/4 of our agents don’t even know what a CBS Code is - Let alone know which I-Box is on the house, OR know their CBS Code. In short paying for an I-Box up her is mostly worthless. We only have 1 Realtor Board for the entire Kansas City Metroplex and its 7-80 individual cities.

In St Louis and Springfield, MO I’m told the Inspectors just use their individual Pin like Agents do.

In the general Dallas area do you Inspectors have just 1 Real Estate Board OR multiple Boards. Do your Realtor Boards have a CBS Code requirement or do you just use a Pin Code like Agents??


The SUPRA key issue is frustrating, especially for new HIs. I work and live in Red Oak, about 25 miles south of Dallas. There are so many “Realtor Associations” it is not funny. Each one promises to use your inspection services if you join their association. Each one has different supra key contracts. It looks like the only way to get a supra key is to pay to join one of the Realtor Associations and then, pay even more to get a supra contract for thier area. I cant afford to join all of these associations and groups at $3-400 each plus the cost of the supra contracts. This seems nuts…

I understand the importance of having a supra key. But, no one can tell me if the supra key contract for one Realtor Association will work in all of the areas. It seems that getting a supra key is more complicated than passing the inspectors exam…

Any help is appreciated.

David Selman
Selman Home Inspections

I have an associate membership with the Collin County Association. I have not yet had a problem using my SUPRA in Collin, Denton, or Dallas counties.

It does require a CBS code and yes that is a PIA most of the time. I simply put the responsibility on the buyers agent to get the code to me before the inspection. CSS rarely has it. I have not had real problems with putting it on the agent. I tell my client that I need it and that they need to have the agent get it when we schedule.

I would like not having to mess with the CBS but it isn’t that big of a deal and the benefit of the SUPRA key outweighs the hassle for me.

Kevin -

What does CSS mean.

I used to live off Miller Rd and Weems. Where is you?

CSS - Centralized Showing Service. Some phone bank place that agents use to stay in touch with sellers and tell them when people are coming etc. They generally have info like alarm codes and if there are pets or special instructions. Agents rarely think to leave the CBS code there though.

I live at Princeton and Liberty Grove, a development called Waterview.

You were about 4 miles North of me - Liberty Grove went South then turned into Kirby and hit Miller by Herfurth Park.

I was down there 2 weeks ago with a friend over at 1st Baptist of Rowlett on Main Street

I may try to call you the next time I’m down and go on a TEXAS inspection

Thanks for all the responses. I have joined the Grand Prairie Board of Realtors. I chose them because they do not use the CBS code, only a PIN. The cost of the SUPRA is $65/quarter. The membership dues for the remainder of 2009, 2010 and the SUPRA was $452. Ouch.

Happy Inspecting!
David Selman
Selman Home Inspections

Why did you choose Grand Prairie over Ellis / Hill County??

I saw they both DO NOT use CBS codes