Supra Keys

I just heard guys talking about Supra (they also spelled it Supre) keys which are obviously some way to get into the house without an agent etc. Can any experienced inspector from southern ontario tell me if we use these here? I haven’t started paid inspections yet and am curious, thanks:D

I don’t know about up here the only ones that get a full blown supra key are agents however down here you can get one as a associative member but you have to get a special code every time you go. it cost me about 400 total 200 for rental of the key and 200 for membership. Is it worth it not really most agent do not know how to get the cbs code.

Supra is a lock box with key pad.Hangs on the door handle of the home. Agents will sometimes give you a code good for one time or one day.

Thank you for the reply sir!:slight_smile:

1st time I checked for responses, only dplummers was up, yet Wayne replied 1st,thats weird:o thanks Wayne also, I’ve been on numerous ride-alongs but all in Toronto, I was just wondering if I might expect to see many situations out here in the sticks where I’ll need such a key, or code, the agents were always there in the city and stayed for the inspection. Anyone work the country between Hamilton and Windsor? Thanks guys:D

Like to have the customer/releator present during inspection… helps to rule out alot of legal stuff.

Some agents will give you the lock box combo,as they do not want to be present during the inspection,I do many inspections with no agent present,which I like,but of course I open myself to greater liability,if some thing is missing or damaged or ifb I forget to turn of the lights, or heaven for bid,I forget to lock the door
I am comfortable either way ,but you make up your own mind

Good advice Harry. Personally, I refuse to inspect when the buyer or at the very least their agent is not present.

Here in the London, St.Thomas area the realtor must stay during the inspection real estate board rules.