Did HG just buy HomeHubZone

Still get emails from them after taking a quick look at their program and saw this today.

New Home for HomeHubZone

I’m an HHZ user, and got the same message, which is as follows to save you the click-through:

"As a valued customer, I am excited to share some news with you regarding the future of HomeHubZone. After a comprehensive search for a partner that not only shares our commitment of finding new ways to make home buying easier, but also one that aligns with our mission to deliver the best home inspection reporting software, I am happy to announce that HomeHubZone has been acquired by American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company.

American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company has acquired the HomeHubZone software platform and HomeGauge has become an independent subsidiary to build out the next generation home inspection software, taking the best of both assets to deliver what we believe is the best-in-class software to make your job easier.

While my role will expand, you can rest assured that HomeHubZone will continue to support you with the high level of customer support you expect from us. AFI Holdings has been expanding its role in home-service related businesses and we believed this was a great fit.

It’s important to note that none of your data will be shared with AFI Holdings (or anyone else) without permission from you or your home buyer. This is very important to everyone at HomeHubZone and will not change. You’ll be seeing an updated Terms and Conditions statement to confirm our commitment to privacy very soon.

We will also return to our original pricing model: Professional users can use this software for free whether or not you choose to use Recall Check, Premium users pay $9.99 per month until the Master Class is passed, and Reports users will pay $29.99 per month. Also, there are no longer pay-for-inspection charges. Those of you that have unused inspections, we will be refunding your money.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and feel free to reach out to us at announcement@homehubzone.com."

I’m very excited about this. HG was my 2nd choice when choosing reporting software, and I have considered moving over to it more than once.

I have spoken to Toby enough times to feel I know her at least a little, and used the software long enough to feel confident that it is accepted by clients and Realtors. Not a single complaint from the 73+ clients I have served.

I look forward to hearing more about this, which I will share here as it comes to me.

Hey Patrick. You can check out our FAQ HomeGauge Announcement

Maybe Nick will buy into AFI. Things are changing and client information is the key. Would like to find report software that I can control.

I look forward to the improvements in the mobile platform.

Interesting tidbit from their FAQs:

Is HomeHubZone going away? Will I have to switch to HomeGauge?
We will be reviewing the needs of HomeHubZone and HomeGauge customers to help inform plans for the platform of the future, leveraging the best features and capabilities of both products. The future platform is likely to include many of the elements you’ve come to love in HomeHubZone. And we will work diligently on an easy transition plan to the platform of the future to reduce your burden. Personally, while my role will expand, you can rest assured that HHZ will continue to support you with the high level of customer support you expect from us.

Based in the phrase “leveraging the best features and capabilities of both products”, this sounds like a pretty clear “Yes” as to a significant change in HHZ and HG, as in a marriage of the two. That should look interesting, as they are considerably different in look and feel.

I can’t help but think a simple statement like this by Russel at Home Gauge would end the storm of controversy surrounding his announcement of a required privacy policy.

I agree, on HG website. Simple as that.

Not being a wise *** but These words that I have requested officially and publicly are all you need to protect yourself as well as HomeGauge with buyers disclosure. If you are not opted into any other programs and currently we dont even have a program you need to add this to your agreement…: My company uses a third party to store the report information and will be kept private.

Thats all we need and its just as official here as it is there. Ask an attorney. Now I will say it is already at the HG website. HomeGauge Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

So lets end this “controversy” and move on. Your info is private unless you opt in to a program and we haven’t any yet.


Poor Russel, you are dealing with people whose job is, in essence, to find flaws and extrapolate as to how those flaws could result in a home that burns to the ground.

Add to that the cynical nature of most men past age 50 and the “no one gets to tell me what to do” attitude of many small business owners, and you have the perfect storm for the kind of blow-back you are seeing.

I see a bit of the “Chicken Little” syndrome among many raising the alarm about this latest dust-up. I’m a more “wait and see” type, so I will do just that.

Thank you William. I hope that the whole industry whether they use HG or not sees that times are changing and this is one more step to reduce liability. Every home inspector should add this language.