HomeHubZone Support Sunset

HHZ Users,

As you know, today was the last day that HomeGauge will support that system. You should have received a letter informing you of this information. Supposedly the servers will stay up until ‘something happens’, but then what? They’ve already stopped accepting new users months ago.

Spectacular Inspection System would like to offer you a discount to convert over. We’ll transfer all of your current HHZ narratives over to a Spectacular library of comments so you can continue to inspect with the same verbiage you’ve been using for years. We’ll help you through the learning process and include videos and instructions when you want to learn on your own. Please contact me privately if you’re interested or have questions…

Aaron Johnson
Spectacular Inspection System


@mdurst1 @dvandermeulen

Here is an option to get into a new software with your narratives in tact.

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Good looking out Brandon
appreciate that

Even though Home Gauge sent out this email, they have NO WAY to migrate HHZ narratives to the Home Gauge platform…unbelievable

Support for HomeHubZone will end on January 15th

Starting on January 15th, 2021, HomeHubZone Support will only address issues with accessing existing reports. HomeHubZone users will soon be notified about the schedule for discontinuing report creation features and removal of the HomeHubZone app from the app store.

The conversion does take effort though…

Thanks Brandon. We switched over to a program called Spectacular. They were able to transfer all our narratives. I’m going to do a review in a month or so when I’ve written a decent amount of reports but so far the program is pretty easy to use and creates a nice looking report