Link not working at InterNACHI givaway.

The links are not working at InterNACHI givaway in the email sent out.

Probably not active until Sept 10th…

Is that e-mail for real I did not open it. It looked like a virus trap to me:roll:

Yep, it’s a virus. Nobody should click on it. Nobody at all. Just me. :smiley:

According to Nick it’s spam.

Spam/scam. Not from us.

I clicked on it but received no virus message from my Norton. I think it’s just spam.

I thought it smelled fishy

I suspected as much I am not as gullible as those Yankees from the land of Lincoln :stuck_out_tongue: hope they all put their e-mail and personal info out there;-)

It’s from ASHI/NAHI trying to figure out where their members are going.

I thought the same thing, my PC was saying not to open and the email address on it didn’t look right anyway

Didn’t know if it was a virus or not. Just hedging my bets if it was real. :wink:

I like the part about all “C” level entries get a free one year membership and a free hundred dollar InterNACHI store credit. NACHI giving up all income for a year? Yeah right. :slight_smile:

Gullible isn’t even in our dictionaries. :slight_smile:

Is this what you all are referring to?
I click the link and it said file not found…

I am in hahaha:mrgreen::mrgreen:

NACHI has in the past given away lifetime memberships and pretty much everything else on the list, that’s why I thought, maybe, oh well, maybe next time. :smiley:

:roll: WOW! It’s absolutely no wonder Nigerian scams are still running rampant! :roll:

A hacker in Albania thanks you and is now enjoying access to your vacation photos and bank statements. :smiley: