Is this a virus?

I received the following email - it was flagged by Norton Virus Checker.

From:’’) var x=’‘x+=’’ +X.AddrS+ ‘](http://javascript<b></b>:document.SaveAddress.submit();)‘x+=’ | ‘x+=’’ +X.Headers+ '](‘x+=’
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To :
w(X.CC)CC :
w(X.LblDate)Date : Thu, 15 Jun 2006 12:28:38 -0500 (CDT)
w(X.Subject)Subject : Look at this
come play a quick game with me

Go here to sign up

I received the same email from Larry and wondered the same thing. I did not click on the link. What’s up Larry?

It’s asking for your email address AND the password. Looks like a scam to get into people’s email.

I got the same thing but Norton did not flag it. The invitation does not have Larry’s correct email address. The one listed on the invitation is wrong as far as I know.

There goes the Knighthood!:mrgreen:

Did anyone find out what it was we were to play???

Spam …asks for email and passwords …hence phish…

**Are you ready to beat your friend? **

Play against your friend and invite other friends (Enter your email account information and click “Next”)**

Your First Name:

Email: @hotmail.comPassword:

Email: @aol.comPassword:

Email: @yahoo.comPassword:

**Email: **Password:
I Am over the age of 18, and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

This thing came to me Via Dale Noble from ACISS and Internachi. I made the mistake of opening the damned thing and I do apologize for any inconvenience it has cost all in my address book. I will be talking to Dale about this and see where he got it.

I had a feeling about the email but when it said from Dale Noble I opened it and…

That’s the way those things operate and it only takes a micro-second to complete its mission.

When I saw that Email my first thought that it must be O.K.–it;s from Larry…then I thought I’d wait 'til the weekend to ask him about it–but now I don’t have to ask.:slight_smile:

Ideally it should be forwarded to your internet provider along with the page info/source and labled as unsolicited email. I am sure the authorities would like to know who is fishing.

I did report it as spam.

Hey Larry,
I got this email also, but deleted it when I got it. Some of my other contacts called me up asking about it and I had no idea how they got it from me, including yourself. Beats me.???



I get e-mail all the time from admin @ b4uclose . net telling me my account has been suspended for some violation or another. Usually contains a virus.

BUT, it is a spoofed e-mail address.

“I” AM and no one else has access to any stuff.

It’s amazing what people try to get away with.

When I read the headers for these e-mails it identifies where it actuallyh comes from but I don’t take the time to decipher it. Just delete it and move on.