Did Porch just pull off a Trash-n-Cash?

That investor’s call was horrible in every way.

We’ll see if they actually spend that 15 mil.

I don’t think they will buy back $15 million of their own stock and I’ll tell you why. I was on the investor call and they mentioned that they got board approval to buy back their stock a dozen times. That tells me they aren’t doing it.

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I was thinking you were referring to the share buyback as the cash side of the trash-n-cash. Instead, are you thinking insider trading? An exec with a large interest in a short position? Or, who’s doing the trash-n-cash?

Twitter collapse, Meta collapse, crypto collapse, GOP collapse, Russian retreat… :thinking: :money_with_wings:

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Got through the conference call transcript today. They state very clearly that leveraging inspection data to price insurance policies is a top priority. They use the example of “water heater location” several times on the call. So my assumption is that to use their software, reporting on the water heater location will eventually be mandatory, lol.


And their stock is back up today.

And yet today they’re bragging about a new app and new software coming soon. Porch Group’s Inspection Support Network Launches App to Enable Homeowners to Easily Manage Their Home Using Their Inspection Report | Business Wire

It’s like they haven’t gotten the message yet. :thinking:

I just want to hand to all of those astute home inspectors who own their own copy of the can’t-be-screwed-with Palm Tech v5… This software will work flawlessly for the next 20 years… no updates necessary.