Difference between a deck, porch, balcony, patio, verandah. Please proof new article.


Nice Nick, man, your full of good stuff lately. :slight_smile:

Is there a place where we can easily access all this good info you are putting out there so one does not have to search the forums to find them?

Are we allowed to print some of these graphics and possibly add to some of our report binders.?:slight_smile:

Nicely done! Just one comment. Must all porches be covered? The definition says a porch has a cover. What do we call an elevated entrance platform without a cover? (They do exist.)

Joe, we wrote this article after you asked us to on another thread. Thanks.

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Excellent stuff


A large number of patios are covered in this area. The rain, you know… the rain.

you’re right, in fact the house I grew up in had a patio that was covered by our deck, and it was *not *paved. Maybe I’ll alter the article.

If you do a Google image search of the word “patio” you’ll see very few with roofs. But, yea, some do have them, so I added in the word “typically”. :mrgreen:

You might also consider a paragraph on pergolas as well. There have been several questions here on the board in the past about them.

Thanks Nick.:slight_smile:

Is that railing “safe” on the balcony in the picture…? :slight_smile: