? Difference In Inspection Types ?

OK so I am looking for a little discussion on the difference between a Full Home Inspection and a Quicker say yearly Maintenance or Safety type inspection. Lets hear some ideas from some of you.

Jim :cool:

Here is an Elderly Safety Inspection checklist.

Thanks Nick, that’s a start.:cool:

Thanks for that Nick. I sent it along to the local senior’s association for publication in their magazine. If they decide to print it I will make sure that NACHI and you are credited.

Bump for some more input please…:cool:


Child safety inspection.

Follow up on 30 minute checklist inspector -Inspection.:slight_smile:

Follow up on drive by Inspector.

I’ve got one even better Bob.

“Google Streetview/satellite view” inspection.

You don’t even have to leave the house.:roll:

I was referring to something like Yearly Maintenance Inspections, or Safety Inspections, or like Nick Posted ?Elderly Safety Inspections. ?

Jim :cool: